Taylor Man’s custom spinnerbaits are handmade in the USA. Each Spinnerbait head is custom painted with only the highest quality paints and clear coat for a rugged durable finish that will last fish after fish. All of Taylor Man’s custom spinnerbaits skirts hand wire-tied for long wear. The colors are hand selected to mimic natural prey. All custom spinnerbait hardware is engineered with not only the durability and quality features Taylor Man’s customers have grown to expect but also to copy the appearance and motion of baitfish in the water.

Bass Fishings Best Custom Spinnerbaits

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures realized a decade ago that cheap, mass-produced baits aren’t what real fishermen want on their lines. Why? Because fish are accustomed to the same-old mass-produced lure that everyone else is throwing. Each Taylor Man’s custom spinnerbait is hand-crafted with the finest, most durable and most lifelike components available. What this means to you is that no matter the conditions or fishing pressure Taylor Man's Custom Lures will put bass in the boat when others won't.