TMC Lures Custom Buzzbaits

TMC Lures custom buzzbaits revolutionary new wedge-shaped keel design allows the bait to slip easily through vegetation and across laydowns without hangups. With its twin concave surface on both sides of the keel. This technology increases the head’s surface area and directs the water outward, lifting the buzzbait immediately to the surface and keeping it there even at a crawl. At the back of the head, the rounded profile prevents the buzzbait from rolling over on its side as the lure is pulled across subsurface branches.

Each custom buzzbait features a super-sharp 5/0 Gamakatsu hook. All of Taylor Man’s Custom Lures buzzbaits are hand-painted with our rock-hard hi-tech finish that resists cracking and chipping, and then completed with a hand-tied, wire-wrapped bio-flex silicone skirt. This creates all the squeaking, gurgling, and bubbles you most desire from a quality custom buzzbait.