Taylor Man's Kaiser Blade™ Inline Spinner

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Taylor Man's Kaiser Blade™ Inline Spinner - Coming Soon - Kaiser Blade-FH, a new fixed hook model of our orginial in-line spinner. 

The Taylor Man's “Kaiser Blade™️” adds a different or (whole new) twist to our spinnerbait line. The “Kaiser Blade™️” is built with an in-line spinner concept that really gives the bass a new look and vibration. It features a full size 3/8 or 1/2 oz head and skirt, with either a large #4 or #5 blade respectively, so this isn't just a little panfish in-line spinner, this thing packs a punch for big bass.

The bait features a 0.35 stainless steel wire shaft with a wrapped tie end, and three solid bass roller bearings to allow the “Worth” InLine blade to rotate freely.  Complete with airbrush finished heads, custom-built wire-tied skirts, and a free swinging Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Superline Hook for your favorite trailer making it virtually weedless for use in the knarliest of cover or grass.

Available in your choice of sizes, 3/8 oz: #4 blade-#4/0 hook or 1/2 oz: #5 blade-5/0 hook, and 12 custom colors.

Give the bass something classic and new at the same time! 


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    Outstanding lures

    Posted by Ranger on Jun 20th 2024

    Very well made, solid, customizable lures. The inline bass spinners are a good alternative to regular bass spinners and when rigged weedless are great working through wood, laydowns, and under brush. The smaller profile than a regular bass spinner still has a big presence. They're like rooster tails on steroids. Excellent product

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    The bait looks great! Made from good materials and workmanship.

    Posted by LaMont Holland on Mar 18th 2023

    I haven't fished it yet, but I'm sure it will be a game changer for the body's of water around me!

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    Skirts and baits

    Posted by Danny Murphy on Mar 4th 2023

    Excellent experience thanks James