Bradley Roy’s Christmas List

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BioborEBREMEMBER LYING AWAKE ALL NIGHT listening for reindeer hooves and wishing for daybreak? 2010 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year Bradley Roy does like it was last year. (In fact, it probably was last year.) We asked Bradley what he hopes to find under the tree this Christmas, and of course he’s thinking fishing. Here’s what made his wish list:

 1. A wise cowboy takes care of his horse before himself. On the tour, Bradley pampers his motor to make sure it gets him there and back again, too. That’s why he is hoping for a year’s supply of Biobor Ethanol Buster. With laws allowing ethanol in our gasoline, it is imperative to protect your outboard with the most advanced gas
treatment out there.

Taylor Man's Custom Lures Hawg Seeker Jig

2. Christmas is when the winter turns the corner heading toward Spring, and Spring means warmer water and shallow jig flippin’. Get ready with an assortment of Taylor Man’s Hawg Seeker Jigs.


3. Taylor Man’s Shaky Man’s Jig Head- because let’s face it, every now and then you have to finesse a little bit.



Taylor Man's Custom Lures Super Spin Elite Charteuse-White spinnerbait4. Spring = Shad Spawn, and shad spawn means big fish on a spinnerbait, so make
sure you have one tied on that will attract attention and hold up to abuse. With Taylor Man’s Super Spin Elite Spinnerbaits you can be confident you won’t miss the chance of a lifetime.


5. Year round, you’re going to find some bass up shallow, but your chances pick up as the water warms. It will soon be time to get really shallow, and you need to be prepared with the best flippin’ bait out there: Berkley Havoc Pit Boss.



6. A thousand or more casts during a long day on the water can wear out even a young man like Bradley, and it helps that he uses Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX. At 5.4 ounces it is just a no-brainer; a reel this smooth is not suppose to be this light!



7. Rugged Shark Atlantic is Bradley’s personal favorite shoe — light and comfortable. Fish all day in these or wear them out and about. Either way they are the most comfortable shoes you will ever have on.