Post Spawn fishing and the New Taylor Man's Flex Cast Jig

Posted by Dwain Batey on Apr 24th 2024

Post Spawn fishing and the New Taylor Man's Flex Cast Jig

I'm finding a few post spawn fish finally, starting to eat the jig and I like it. Especially when it's the new Taylor Man's Flex Cast Jig. 

I recently switched from braid/fluorocarbon to straight Fluorocarbon line on my jig rod and I honestly haven't decided if I like it or not. There's no knot connecting the two lines to worry about, but you can't feel nearly as much so I'm going to have to catch a few more before I decide if it's something that I'm going to stick with long term or not.

Like all jigs it looks a lot like any other jig, but this thing has been amazing about coming through cover. These are custom made skirts, and hand wire tied like everything from Taylor Man's plus Powder coated heads and of course a Gamakatsu hook. 

I honestly almost always fish a Texas rig in the thick stuff because jigs normally get hung up so easily, but this jig has been coming through wood cover so well that I'm fishing it more than a Texas rig and it's not even close. 

Of course the colors are always amazing on Taylor Man's jigs because of the custom skirts, and the fish from these photos were all on the Scupperdine color, but Grape Ape color has also been hot in some dirtier water for me recently.

The Flex Cast Jig is compact, but has a very strong Gamakatsu hook and isn't a thin wire hook like many compact jigs have. I'm fishing 25lb Fluorocarbon and the 7/16 oz size despite being small pitches and skips great. 

I've been using a variety of trailers to try and get the right rate of fall, but the Missile Baits Chunky D has been giving me the best results. It's got a decent kick, but more importantly it is slowing the bait down to match the mood of these post spawn funk fish and they are smashing it.

You'll find the Flex Cast Jig in our store almost 2 dozen colors and two weights, 5/16 oz. and 7/16 oz.