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SwingBlade Spinnerbait with pivoting hook Cast into the thickest cover. Thread on your favorite fluke or swimbait; pivoting, ring-mounted hook produces natural action on retrieves, and bass get no leverage to throw the bait once hooked.

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Match the primary forage species. Quality components... peak performance.

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Water Strider and Pond Skater Buzzbaits by Taylor Man's Custsom Lures Water Strider: best buzzbait on the water today, bar none!

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Taylor Man's ScatterShad Spinnerbait Best spinnerbait at ANY speed.

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Taylor Man's Pro Series Hawg Seeker Jigs Nature inspired Living Rubber and Silicone Mop Style Jig

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sb01New for 2013: Taylor Man’s
SnaggleProof Jigs

Innovative configuration matches T-Man's Hawg-seeker jig head with an off-set, wide-gap hook and unique trailer-keeper barb to produce a weedless, snag-resistant, go-anywhere jig.


sb02New! Taylor Man’s
SwingBlade Spinnerbait

Engineered to get your blade bait back into the thick of trouble...and out again with fish that no other spinnerbait can reach.

Top of Class!

sb03New! Taylor Man’s Custom Lures
Water Strider™ Buzzbait

Designed with the same attention to quality, detail and craftsmanship you expect from the T-Man!

Bass Commander

sb04New! Taylor Man’s
heirloom-quality, custom-painted cranks

Match the predominant forage species in the waters where you fish. Let us know exactly the crayfish or preyfish and crankbait body, and we'll have custom-paint it to your specifications and rig it with premium rings and hooks.

Shaky Man's Jigs

Florida bass angler Tyler Brinks, just recently put the Taylor Man's "Shaky Man's Jig" to the test. In this review, Tyler shows the many great features this jig has to offer:

The jigs are built around Wide Gap Gamakatsu hooks, allowing your favorite attached plastics to get out of the way during hook sets. We also added a screw lock bait keeper to hold your plastics securely to the jig head so it doesn't slide down the hook shank. The jigs come in (3) of your favorite colors to match all fishing conditions.

For cold-water bass fishing this lure offers many benefits. It takes a slow presentation to get giant bass into your livewell during the cold water months. This is where the "Shaky Man's Jigs" really shine. Buy Now


Since 2008, every one of Taylor Man's Custom Lures has been hand made one at a time to ensure they are the highest quality jigs and spinner baits you will find on fishing lines anywhere. Our full line of premium, US-built, custom-designed Jigs, Buzzbaits, and Spinnerbaits start with the finest components available. Custom Skirt Colors mimic natural prey, with an appearance and motion in the water that have proven to be efficient big fish producers on any type of water and under any lighting and weather condition.

Please take a moment to visit The Taylor Man Difference to see for yourself why we believe you just can't find a better value in Jigs, Buzzbaits, or Spinnerbaits.

Before you leave be sure to visit The Online Store where you will find special offers, discounts and more...

Based in Reidsville, North Carolina, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures has gained a dedicated following in the Tar Heel State, across the U.S., and around the world. It began operations in 2008. Each premium US-made lure is hand painted and then individually assembled and inspected before earning the Taylor Man’s brand.

Taylor Man's Water Strider Buzzbait - DucklingWATER STRIDER™ BUZZ BAIT BLAZES NEW TRAIL

Over a year in development, Taylor Man's is satisfied that its new Water Strider™ buzz bait is the best lure of its class on the water today.

Few other lures trigger adrenaline-pumping explosions like big bass bashing a buzzbait. It's a heart attack on a string! But it can also be tremendously frustrating, too. The revolving delta blade on most buzzbaits makes them pull off to one side during retrieves. Some are difficult to bring to the top or keep on the surface when slow speeds are called for. And on fast retrieves, a lot of buzzbaits roll over.

Taylor Man's Water Strider Buzz BaitThe Water Strider™ break-through design eliminates all those problems! Besides the premium quality of this USA-made lure, the Water Strider™ buzzbait is loaded with performance features:

  1. (A) The wedge-shaped keel slips easily through vegetation and across wood. That plus the dual counter-rotating delta blades ensures the lure tracks true.
  2. (B) Twin runnels, concave surfaces that direct water down and outward on both sides of the keel, create hydrodynamic lift, bringing the bait immediately to the surface and keeping it there even at a crawl.
  3. (C) At the back of the head, the rounded throat prevents the lure from rolling over on its side as the lure is pulled across subsurface branches.
  4. (D) Downward-looking 3D eyes are recessed so they won't get knocked off when the bait bashes through the rough stuff.

Each lure features a super-sharp 6/0 Gamakatsu hook. They are hand painted with Taylor Man's rock-hard hi-tech finish that resists cracking and chipping, and then completed with a hand-tied, wire-wrapped bio-flex silicone skirt. Finally the lure is fitted with inner and outer delta blades that turn in opposite directions to eliminate drift and create the squeaking, gurgling, and bubbles you most desire from a quality buzzbait.

From the dual counter-rotating blades to the tapered, hydro-lift head with twin runnels and stabilizing keel, to the 6/0 Gamakatsu wide-gap hook, this lure has been engineered for performance, durability, and fish-attraction. There is absolutely no finer buzz bait anywhere, at any price. For unparalleled topwater fishing action, perfect sound and vibration, true-tracking retrieves, and matchless performance at top and low speeds, this lure is a must-have for every serious bass angler.

Here is a reveiw of the new Taylor Man's WaterStrider™ buzzbait.

[Buy now.]