Taylor Man's Puggle Finesse Football Jig

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Taylor Man's Puggle Finesse Football Jig For Bass Fishing

The Taylor Man's Puggle Jig™ is a finesse football jig that packs full size jig features into a very compact football jig. The Puggle Jig™ features a 60º angle line tie, on a 4/0 heavy wire Gamakatsu hook for when the big fish come out to play.

You get a double keeper system with both a lead and stainless steel wire keepers. Your choice of straight Silicone or Silicone / Lizard patterned Living Rubber skirts in custom colors, and as always hand wire-tied with stainless steel wire. When the bite gets tough this little jig will put them in the boat.

Available in 3 skirt cuts, full, finesse, or spider cut, and 3 different weights 3/16 oz, 5/16 oz, and 7/16 oz (choose in options below) 

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