Small Shotshell Rattles 25 Pack

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Shotshell Rattles For Custom Bass Lures

These Small Shotshell Rattles, the perfect companion for any bass fishing jig. Available in packs of 25, these shotshell rattles are designed to add an irresistible crawfish like noise to your favorite soft plastic baits.

Crafted with precision and reliability, these rattles produce a subtle yet enticing sound that attracts predatory fish with finesse. Whether you're targeting bass, trout, or panfish, these rattles are sure to amplify your success on the water.

Choose from sleek Black or Clear options to match your bait and fishing style. Their compact size makes them ideal for various soft plastic lures, ensuring versatility in your tackle box.

Enhance your fishing arsenal with Small Shotshell Rattles and let the captivating sound reel in your next trophy catch.