Skirts Plus Bio-Flex Silicone -Sil-a-chrome Skirt Making Kit

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Skirts Plus Bio-Flex Silicone Sil-a-chrome Skirt Making Kit

Now you can have the skirt you want, exactly how you want to make it with our Sil-A-Chrome Bio-Flex Silicone skirt making kit by Skirts Plus. Sil-A-Chrome skirt tabs have the glitter on the outside in scale patterns for a brilliant but still natural look in the water. This kit contains a great mixture of colors to create both jigs and spinnerbait skirts. NOT SOLD ON EBAY IF YOU SEE THIS ITEM ON EBAY BEWARE IT IS A SCAM.

DIY Lure Making Kit Includes:

10 Tabs of each of the following colors

  • White with silver foil
  • Chartreuse with gold foil
  • Lime with green foil
  • Orange with red foil
  • Pumpkin with green foil
  • Black with blue foil
  • Blue with blue foil
  • Purple with blue foil
  • Brown with copper foil
  • Black with green foil

50 Bands

6 Rattle Straps

12 Rattles

1 Banding Tool

If you have any questions about our bass lure making kits or any other DIY lure questions reach out to us.