Living Rubber Seeker Head™ Flippin’ Jig




Taylor Man’s Custom Lures Living Rubber Seeker Head™ Flippin Jigs has a sleek, upturned, tapered design that gets you into and through the thickest cover where the big fish hideout, with realistic 3D Gel-Filled, Color Shifting Eyes, to draw the attention of bass lurking in ambush. The Living Rubber Seeker Head™ Flippin Jigs come with premium Bio-Flex Silicone mixed with Living Rubber skirt material that stands straight up when the lure is stationary. The strands move with every line twitch and the slightest current, creating an intimidating, lifelike bulk that triggers a reaction strike. Each jig has a stainless steel skirt wrap along with our premium silicone rattle-band collar, with shotshell rattles attached, to make sure the skirt won’t slide
down to fill the hook gap or fall off in storage.

Taylor Man’s custom builds each lure to match the hatch, with patterns that mimic predominant prey in your local waters. This jig is made to take the most punishing treatment big gamefish can dish out.

Living Rubber Seeker Head™ Flippin Jigs Features:

    • Hook Sizes: 1/4-oz: 3/0. 3/8-oz: 4/0. 1/2-oz: 5/0. 3/4- and 1-oz: 5/0
    • Head Colors: Black, Brown or Camo
    • Silicon Skirt Collars won’t stretch or rot off like the latex bands used by other manufacturers.
    • Double Shot Shell Rattles are inserted in the collar tabs, so this lure is complete and ready to fish right out of the package.
    • Gamakatsu 60° Super Sharp Heavy Wire, Round-bend Flipping Jig Hooks ensure fast and effortless point penetration and a sure grip that gets the hawgs back to the boat time after time. This hook is ideal for Superlines, braids, and heavy-power big game rods.
    • Super-tough Powdercoat or Hi-tech Enamel finish resists chipping and scraping, so the lure looks fresh out of the box after repeated battles.

Taylor Man’s has the tools to get the job done, and this jig is a must for every serious angler’s tool chest.


Premium Quality Craftsmanship

Each premium Made in USA Seeker Head Flippin’ Jig is hand-painted and finished with Hi-Tech, taxidermy grade custom designed colors that smokescreen into the natural environment. Next, we carefully select specific custom skirt patterns and colors to mimic natural prey. Then, the hardware is engineered with not only the durability and quality of Taylor Man’s customers have grown to expect, but also the appearance and motion of baitfish in the water.

Innovation In Design

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures realized a decade ago that cheap, mass-produced baits, aren’t what real fishermen want on their line. Why? Because fish are accustomed to the same-old mass-produced lure that everyone else is throwing. According to Elite Series Angler Bradley Roy, “Each Taylor Man’s [lure] is hand-crafted from the finest, most durable and most lifelike components available.” What this means to you is that even when you’re in over-fished waters, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures will still get the job done. Make sure to check out our full line of Flipping Jigs hand-crafted in the USA!

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PB&J, Pumpkin Haze, Barkley Craw, Black & Blue Pumpkin, Black & Blue Shad, Black Brown Amber, Brown Purple Flash, Burnt Kettle, Caramel Craw, Crawfish, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Red Flake, Green Pumpkin Scale, Gunt Bug, Kentucky Craw, Phantom Black, Rotten Pumpkin, Sexy Craw, Spring Craw, Summer Craw, Texas Craw, TMC Revenge, Witch Hazel, On Em'


1/4 Ounce, 3/8 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 3/4 Ounce, 1 Ounce


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