SlingBlade™ Bladed Swim Jig


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Taylor Man’s Custom Lures Unveils New Bladed Swim Jig design. The “SlingBlade™” bladed swim jig, built with the exact same quality features as our “SwingBlade” Spinnerbait and designed to be fished in both open water, and around all bass holding thick cover areas. The SlingBlade™ bladed swim jig can be fished through brush, blow-downs, and grass, without the worry of hang-ups. It’s built using a free-swinging hook design which is attached to the rear of the head using a split ring. It allows the angler to quickly change the hook for all types of presentations. The SlingBlade™ vibrating swim jig comes complete with a Gamakatsu Super-Wire EWG hook installed, and can be rigged Texas style for thick cover using the plastic trailer of your choice. A (4″ to 6″) boot-tail swimmin fluke is the recommended trailer of choice. During testing, it was the most productive of all trailers used.

SlingBlade™ Bladed Swim Jig Features:

  • Many different color patterns available in both 3/8 and 1/2oz sizes.
  • Wire diameters: 3/8oz-.035, 1/2oz-.035
  • Gamakatsu Super-Line, EWG Hook sizes: 3/8oz – 4/0, 1/2oz – 6/0
  • Free-swinging hook design
  • Can be rigged Texas style

SlingBlade™ is built using the finest components available on the market today. Each one is meticulously hand-crafted. The six different head color designs are hand painted by Dwain Batey, All are matched with a custom hand-tied premium Bio-Flex silicone skirt, installed using a silicone collar, and wire wrapped for security with stainless steel wire.

Premium Quality Craftsmanship

Each premium Made in USA bladed swim jig is hand painted and finished with Hi-Tech, taxidermy grade custom designed colors that smokescreen into the natural environment. Next, we carefully select specific custom skirt patterns and colors to mimic natural prey. Then, the hardware is engineered with not only the durability and quality Taylor Man’s customers have grown to expect, but also the appearance and motion of baitfish in the water.

Innovation In Design

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures realized a decade ago that cheap, mass-produced baits aren’t what real fishermen want on their line. Why? Because fish are accustomed the same-old mass-produced lure that everyone else is throwing. According to Elite Series Angler Bradley Roy, “Each Taylor Man’s [lure] is hand-crafted from the finest, most durable and most lifelike components available.” What this means to you is that even when you’re in over-fished waters, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures will still get the job done. Make sure to check out our full line of Bladed Swim Jigs hand-crafted in the USA!

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Amphibia, Batey Shad, Big Bluegill, Black & Blue Shad, Blingin Chartreuse, Blue Heron, Blue Herring, Chartreuse Shad, Clown, Faded Citrus Shad, Gilltastic, Gizzard Shad, Gold Fish, Lemon Aide, Mirage, Pearl Ayu, Radient Parrot, Resident Evil, Sexy Shad, Smoked Shad, Spot Sticker, Table Rock Shad, Tilapia, White Chartreuse, White Nato, Wicked Sunfish


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