Hawg Seeker™ Mop Jig

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Taylor Man’s Custom Lures Pro Series Hawg Seeker™ Mop Jig has a sleek upturned head design helps the lure penetrate and swim cleanly out of the weed patches, brush piles, and log jams, where kicker fish lurk in ambush. The minnow-profile head design, 3-D eyes, and lifelike fluttering skirt, trigger a bass’s instinctive strike reflex.

The Pro Series Hawg Seeker Mop Jig is cast on a #294 round bend extra-heavy wire Gamakatsu hook, which is specifically designed for stout braided line and heavy power flipping rods. The vertical line-tie ensures the hook sinks into the top of the fish’s mouth on almost every hook-set.

Like all T-Man’s jigs, the heads are first primed with a special high-tech coating that etches into the lead. This binds the paint to the metal, forming a crack and scratch resistant barrier. Then more layers of paint chemically bond to the primer. You’ll find no tougher jig heads on the market today. (We also use Powder coat finishes)

Heavy living rubber stands stand straight out and pulses in the slightest current or motion, exactly mimicking the action of crayfish in their defensive posture. Our Mop Jig Skirts are attached first with silicone rattle collars and then over-wrapped with stainless steel wire. All come complete with large double shot shell rattles. Paint, weed guard, and skirt color patterns are available to match the hatch on your local waters.

Hawg Seeker Mop Jig Features:

  • Hook sizes: 3/8-oz (4/0); 1/2-, and 3/4 – and 1-oz (5/0)
  • Silicone rattle collars
  • #294 round bend extra-heavy wire Gamakatsu hook
  • Minnow-profile head design
  • 3-D eyes

Premium Quality Craftsmanship

Each premium Made in USA mop jig is hand painted and finished with Hi-Tech, taxidermy grade custom designed colors that smokescreen into the natural environment. Next, we carefully select specific custom skirt patterns and colors to mimic natural prey. Then, the hardware is engineered with not only the durability and quality Taylor Man’s customers have grown to expect, but also the appearance and motion of baitfish in the water.

Innovation In Design

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures realized a decade ago that cheap, mass-produced baits aren’t what real fishermen want on their line. Why? Because fish are accustomed the same-old mass-produced lure that everyone else is throwing. According to Elite Series Angler Bradley Roy, “Each Taylor Man’s [lure] is hand-crafted from the finest, most durable and most lifelike components available.” What this means to you is that even when you’re in over-fished waters, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures will still get the job done. Make sure to check out our full line of Mop Jigs hand-crafted in the USA!

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1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 oz

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    Love this Jig -Hawg Seeker Jigs

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