Water Strider Buzzbait

Taylor Man’s “Water Strider Buzzbait”

Few other lures trigger adrenaline-pumping explosions like big bass bashing a buzzbait. It’s a heart attack on a string! But it can also be tremendously frustrating, too. The revolving delta blade on most buzzbaits makes them pull off to one side during retrieves and also complicated to tune, bending wires up and down and sideways trying your best to correct the problem, and still, it runs like a mess. Some are difficult to bring to the top or keep on the surface when slow speeds are called for. And on fast retrieves, a lot of buzzbaits roll over.

Taylor Man’s Water Strider Buzzbait break-through design eliminates all those problems! Besides the premium quality of this USA-made lure, the Water Strider buzzbait is loaded with performance features:

The revolutionary designed wedge-shaped keel (A) slips easily through vegetation and across wood. That plus the dual counter-rotating delta blades ensures the lure tracks true.
Twin concave surfaces (B) on both sides of the keel increase the head’s surface area and directs the water outward, lifting the bait immediately to the surface and keeping it there even at a crawl.
At the back of the head, the rounded profile (C) prevents the lure from rolling over on its side as the lure is pulled across subsurface branches.
Downward-looking color shifting 3D eyes (D) are recessed so they won’t get knocked off when the bait comes through the rough stuff.

Each lure features a super-sharp 5/0 Gamakatsu hook. They are hand painted with Taylor Man’s rock-hard hi-tech finishes that resists cracking and chipping, and then completed with our hand-tied, wire-wrapped Bio-flex silicone skirts. Finally, the lure is fitted with inner and outer delta blades that turn in different directions to eliminate drift. The dual blades create all the squeaking, gurgling, and bubbles you most desire from a quality buzzbait.

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