Winner Shad™ Slow Rolling – Colorado Blade Spinnerbait

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Taylor Man’s Winner Shad™ Slow Rolling – Colorado Blade Spinnerbait is custom-designed for slow-rolling, deep-water fishing conditions. The amazing action of this multi-blade spinnerbait is complimented with Taylor Man’s true running Super Spin frames, a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook,  Sampo ball-bearing swivels, and custom hand-tied,  Bio-Flex silicone skirts secured with a silicone band, not cheap latex collars that dry rot and fall apart then wire wrapped for security. This shad pattern has an alarming nature-inspired lifelike appearance and is sure to arouse the attention of any wary deep-water bass. Gold/Silver White scale over a white belly followed by #7 Deep Cup Colorado, or your choice of a #8 scale pattern Indiana blade.

Winner Shad™ Slow Rolling – Colorado Blade Spinnerbait

  • The Winner Shad™ Spinnerbait comes in 2 sizes: 1/2- and 3/4-ounce weights.
  • Head and hook sizes: 1/2 oz- 5/0, 3/4 oz- 5/0
  • Wire size: 1/2 oz .035, 3/4 oz .040

Premium Quality Craftsmanship

Each premium Made in USA Indiana blade spinnerbait is hand-painted and finished with Hi-Tech, taxidermy grade custom designed colors that smokescreen into the natural environment. Next, we carefully select specific custom skirt patterns and colors to mimic natural prey. Then, the hardware is engineered with not only the durability and quality Taylor Man’s customers have grown to expect, but also the appearance and motion of baitfish in the water.

Innovation In Design

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures realized a decade ago that cheap, mass-produced baits aren’t what real fishermen want on their line. Why? Because fish are accustomed to the same-old mass-produced lure that everyone else is throwing. According to Elite Series Angler Bradley Roy, “Each Taylor Man’s [lure] is hand-crafted from the finest, most durable and most lifelike components available.” What this means to you is that even when you’re in over-fished waters, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures will still get the job done. Make sure to check out our full line of custom-designed Spinnerbaits hand-crafted in the USA!

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Batey-Shad, Blue-Heron, Chartreuse-Gremlin, Chartreuse-Shad, Gizzard-Shad, Golden-Rule, Shad-Essence, White-Chartreuse, White-Nato, White-Silver, All Gold


1/2 Ounce, 3/4 Ounce

Blade Configuration

Single Colorado Gold, Single Indiana Gold, Single Colorado Nickel, Single Indiana Nickel, Single Colorado Chartreuse, Single Colorado White, Double Colorado, Indiana Colorado

All Gold Blades?

No, Yes

2 reviews for Winner Shad™ Slow Rolling – Colorado Blade Spinnerbait

  1. csamples

    Pre Spawn Killer in the stump beds and channel ledges. When you first tie one on and throw it you will understand. The thump and vibration that this lure puts out is amazing. Your arm will still be vibrating for days after throwing this spinnerbait. I have caught numerous five plus pound fish on those sunny days in the spring time and in the fall around whatever vegetation is left or isolated stumps. I like to throw it up on the flats and as soon as you get over the ledge kill it on tight line and then hold on. Before it hits the bottom the rod will get jerked out of your hand.

  2. Cory

    My boxes are full of Taylor mans lures but this one is by far my favorite of all time spring lures, from February to early April the bass absolutely hammer this lure, I fished with a partner last spring for a couple days and this spinnerbait far out produced any generic spinnerbait he tied on and to make it even better I was fishing behind him in the back of the boat. lots of big bass were brought to the boat for me because of this lure. highly recommend to anyone who enjoys catching monster springtime bass!!!

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