Deepwater summertime fishing

27/06/11 COMMENTS 1

This weekend a friend and I went fishing at Randleman Regional Reservoir, it’s a young (2 years) lake located just outside Randleman, NC and only a short drive from my home. We have visited the lake almost every weekend this season, catching some nice keepers along with a few dinks. The fishing there is almost always great, and I’ve heard stories of guys catching some 10lb plus largemouths. It’s no telling just how many big fish are in this lake, the lake was built utilizing the Deep River as its tributary and covers what used to be pristine farm lands. That means it was also dotted with farm ponds, stocked with over-sized largemouths. The lake has an abundance of shad roaming about, serving as table fare for the hungry population.

The bass at this time can be found in deepwater tree tops, and along the drop offs, with some still hanging around in the shallows. A variety of baits can be used to catch them this time of year, jigs and carolina rigs, fished off the points, crankbaits and texas rigged worms fished along the steep banks. Something I have been experimenting with this year is a 3/4 ounce spinnerbait fished slowly along the bottom. The bass holding on the deep drops looking to ambush bait fish are really liking this offering, I’m rigging it with a small colorado blade in the front and a large willow blade in the rear. This combination when worked just fast enough to keep the blades spinning, and also staying in contact with the bottom really gets em going. I’ve had some awesome hookups this way, and there’s nothing like catching largemouths in deepwater summertime fishing conditions, on a bait you’ve made yourself. Hum, that’s an idea…maybe you would like to have some of these? Well if your ever in the Piedmont area of NC, stop by and give Randleman Regional Reservoir a try, I think you’ll be glad you did.