BASSMASTER Reviews TMCL Living Rubber Flipping Jig

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Taylor Man's Living Rubber Flipping Jig

TMCLures Living Rubber Flipping Jig – Witch-Hazel Pattern

B.A.S.S. just reviewed Taylor Man’s Living Rubber Flipping Jig in their January 11 Online Gear Review feature.

Author David Hunter Jones wrote, “It’s a flipping jig with a touch of living rubber on the bottom to ‘puff’ out when the bait is at rest,” and recommended it for picking apart shallow cover.

Some features Jones highlighted were the jig heads’ Hi-Tech paint finishes and heavy-wire Gamakatsu hook, which was selected for this jig because it can take the punishment doled out by hooksets using heavy braid and stout rods. He also appreciate the color-matched, heavy fiber weedguard and described how the fine living rubber strands interspersed within the silicone skirt causes the lure to virtually come alive, pulsing with the slightest current or movement.

Other features that Taylor Man’s customers rely on are this jig’s silicone skirt collar that come with two cylindrical shot-shell rattles that mimic the clicking noise emitted by crayfish exoskeletons as they move. Most skirted baits on the market have latex collars that can weaken and fall apart after exposure to ozone, UV light, and chemicals over time. Those are avoided by the use of silicone skirt bands, which Taylor Man’s does with all its jigs, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits. The skirt is further secured by a stainless steel wire over-wrap to make sure it won’t slip down during hook-sets.

Every skirt strand is painstakingly arranged and hand-tied, and the seventeen skirt patterns mimic forage species abundant on lakes, ponds, and streams across the country.

Designed specifically for flipping and pitching, this jig’s tapered Arkie-style head slips easily into and out of tight cover where big fish lurk.

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